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Monday, April 23, 2012

Let It Snow - in April?

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An unusually snow-covered road

As I woke up today, I was greeted by a very unusual scene: a snow covered land that had replaced the enjoyable spring setting that I had seen the night before.  This was not just another normal snowfall, however.  It was one so large that the county in which I reside, Somerset, made numerous national news programs.  In addition to my county, this large storm also affected the counties of Jefferson, Indiana, Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, Cambria, and north Centre.  Large snowfall is also making its way through New York, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Meteorologist Eric Fisher from the Weather Channel gave morning updates on this severe weather in Somerset, Pa.  He chose to cover this large amount of snowfall in this town because it is one of the highest elevated areas in the state of Pennsylvania.  He stated that because leaves are three to four weeks ahead of schedule, they will act will act as a net, collecting the heavy, wet snow.

This storm is such an unusual April event that it currently holds a spot on the home page of the Today Show.  They report that as many as 50,000 residents of both Pennsylvania and New York may lose power.  This event was also covered during their morning television program.

The Northeastern snow storm is listed as the number one story on Weather Channel.  They have called a winter storm warning until noon Tuesday.  They are reporting that residents in high elevations may experience over a foot of snow.

This shock of a snowstorm seems that it may have the potential to rival with the blizzard of February 2011.  Most schools in my area have attempted to send students to school, only to return them to their homes three hours later.  With PSSA testing scheduled tomorrow, let it snow!
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