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Sunday, April 22, 2012

“The Most Amazing iPhone Yet"

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The title of this post is the motto of the latest installment of America’s favorite cellphone, the iPhone 4s.  Released October 14th, the iPhone 4s has been a record breaker for Apple.  In 24 hours, over one million people preordered it.  In less than a week, Apple has sold a whopping four million iPhones.
            While the sales of the iPhone 4s have shattered sales records, not much has changed physically.  The body of the phone is identical to the iPhone 4, but the new dual-core processor makes it twice as fast.  In addition to the A5, an 8-megapixel camera has also been added with 1080p video recording.  Another much needed feature that was added is the improved antenna ending the classical phrase, “Can you hear me now?”
            The iPhone 4s features the new iOS 5 operating system.  With it comes the new notification center, iMessage, Reminders, iCloud and over two hundred other new features.  A few of the new features are exclusive to iPhone 4s users with the largest including Apple’s new voice control system, Siri.  With Siri, you can ask your phone to send a text, set a reminder, or check the weather.  Apple TV owners will also be excited to hear that with an iPhone 4s, it is possible to stream video games on a television.
            The iPhone 4s is available in two varieties: 16 GBs for $199 and 32 GBs for $299 with a two-year contract.  It is available in white and black.  In addition to the previously offered Verizon and AT&T plans, the iPhone 4s is now available with the much more affordable Sprint. 
            The iPhone 4s is by far the best phone on the market.  While the new additions are only minor compared to the transition from the 3GS to the 4, it should be of interest to anyone on the market for a new phone: if they can find it.  Shipping on Apple’s website currently lists as 1-2 weeks.  The iPhone 4s is a great opportunity for users of the 3GS to upgrade to all the feature of the iPhone 4 (including the retina display and overhauled design) and the newly added additions.
            If you are a current iPhone 4 owner and are wondering whether the upgrade is worth it, you should most likely wait until the next upgrade a year from now.  While the 4s was a minor update, it is rumored that the next model will be a completely new design.  Rumors are already circulating that Steve Jobs, the recently deceased mastermind and figure of Apple, spent the last year of his life working on the newest update. 
            With over four million units sold within a week, the iPhone 4s is proof that though the death of one of the men that many argue was one of the greatest inventers of our lifetime had a great impact on the company, Apple will most likely continue to be a leader in innovation.  Many iPhone fans lined cities around the world to buy the newest iPhone on October 14th, honoring the man who “changed everything”.  Of them, Steve Wozniak, one of the Apple cofounders, was first in line, paying tribute to his long-time business partner.
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