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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Reasons Why You Will Not Die Tomorrow

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As many of you sit in your comfy end-of-the-world bomb shelters, waiting for an invisible planet to collide into Earth or for some other nonsense to happen, you way want to exit now and go about enjoying your Friday.  After all, it will be the last time you enjoy the Friday experience… for a week.  Here are some things that will motivate you to step foot back into the real world and end your senseless fear.  

1. Leap Year
Because the Mayans lived in an age when time was measured by the Sun, it is only understandable that these people had no idea that a year does indeed consist of 365 and a fourth days.  While that fourth of a day may seem pointless, over 2,500 years it really adds up.  The Mayan calendar was written in approximately 500 B. C.  Therefore, we should have died two years ago.

2. No Nibiru, Planetary Alignment, or Other Oddity
Sorry, to break it to you, but the person who sold you your bomb shelter was lying.  There is no such planet as Niburu, and no unidentified planets have been discovered in the sky.  Unless Niburu throws itself out from behind the Sun at the speed of light, the world will live another day.  Also, there is no planetary alignment or other odd event scheduled to happen tomorrow.

3. The Australians are Still Alive
The Land-Down-Under has already awaken to December 21, and they are still alive.  No earthquakes, tragedies, or other frightening events have plagued their area.  It is simply another day there.

4. Matthew 24: 36
“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”  The Bible states that no one will know when the world ends.  This completely clashes with the end of the world being December 21.  Do you think that you know when the world will end, but Jesus does not?  Think again.

5. The Mayans never predicted the end of the world
December 21 simply marks the end of a cycle on the Mayan calendar.  The end of a cycle is simply a time of change and spiritual renewal.  The Mayans did not predict any catastrophes, though how ironic that they chose 2012 as the year of “change.”  I hope they were not thinking of our government.

6. The Earth Has Been Around a LONG time
The Earth has been around for 4,500,000,000 years.  While not near as large as our federal debt, this is still a gigantic number.  In fact, if you live to be 100 years old, there is only a .0000022% chance that you would experience the end of the world if it were to randomly end without a legitimate reason in a 4.5 billion year time span.

7. $$$
How many times have you heard that the world was going to end in your lifetime?  Hollywood, as well as companies that sell “survival” gear, want you to worry about your demise.  Simply by making people believe that the world was going to end in 2012, Columbia Pictures raked in $769,679,473 in the box office.  What does this mean?  The world will probably be “ending” a decade from now.  Remember the idiot that was trying to capitalize off of telling people that the world would end last year?

8. Magnetic fields will not kill you.
Lets imagine for a moment that after 800,000 years of not changing, the poles will switch for no reason whatsoever.  There has been no evidence at all to show that they will, but if they manage to do so, it will not kill you or I.  The poles have switched tens of thousands of times over the lifespan of the Earth, and it is still spinning.

9. Asteroids will not hit the Earth.
The closest asteroid, Apophis, has a 0.000004% of hitting Earth… in 2029.  In other words, the chances of Earth being hit by any celestial object in the near future is next to nothing.  Even if an asteroid managed to hit Earth, it would not be the first.  Many asteroids have hit Earth in the past, and it is still here.

10. Fall of the Mayan Civilization
If the Mayans were smart enough to predict our demise, wouldn’t they be smart enough to predict their own?  Mayans have very little threshold on the world today, besides the high amount of money generated from tourism of their ruins.  If they could predict the end of the world, they would most likely have been able to prevent the end of theirs.
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