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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blurb #2: Friendships, and Twinkies, and Drones, OH MY!

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Welcome back to your weekly dose of Brandon’s Blurb, a series in which I share the best things of this week, while adding great philosophical sense to it all.  This week, I’m going to focus on an issue that is on nearly every recent high school graduate’s mind: the friends we have today and the friends we have tomorrow.  In addition, I am going to take a look at some of the headlines of this week.

Thought of the Week: Relationships After High School
Recently, I was hit by a quote that I think reflects on all that is felt by young adults preparing to move into another world:

Now, please ignore the obvious misuse of “they” in this quote and look at the true meaning.  No matter how busy someone is, if he or she wants to truly be your friend or significant other, he or she will make time for you.

What does this have to do with the lives of the thousands of students heading off to college for the first time?  Many of them continue to worry about the friendships or relationships that they had in high school, in hopes that they will continue in college.  Friends from Twitter, Facebook, and every other social network have portrayed this, as I’ve seen numerous posts about people fearing the loss of a friend or girl/boyfriend next fall.

However, if both people are truly friends, they have nothing to worry about.  Even if a person turns out to not truly be a friend, there is still nothing to worry about.  If people truly care about each other, they will continue to speak throughout college, and not much will change.  If your friend or significant other does forget that you exist, you have lost nothing, because that person did not care about you in the first place.

However, while it is the responsibility of your friend or significant other to continue to remain in contact with you after you move, it is also your responsibility.  If you do not care to contact the people in your life, why should they care to contact you?  All relationships, from friendships to marriages, are two way streets.  So next time you feel like subtweeting someone angrily because he or she has forgotten that you exist, just pick up the phone and call that person.  If that person cares enough, he or she will be the one that calls next time.

Video of the Week
Now that you have made it through my deep philosophical thought, which is the result of painting windows all morning, I have a song for all of you Pittsburghese people that a fellow CMU student shared on Facebook:

This song defines the spirit of the Steel City, while making a pretty good parody of the song “Walking in Memphis.”

Interesting News of the Week

Image via
So, you are greatly opposed to the federal government using drones on U. S. soil?  You could join the crowd in protesting on social media or outside of your government building of choice - or you could move to Deer Trail, Colorado.  Apparently, the head of this town’s board proposed offering drone hunting permits to citizens over 21, with which they would be permitted to hunt down federal drones with a shotgun.  Please keep in mind that while the local government of this town will reward you with $100 for your kill, shooting down drones is, in fact, a federal offense.

Read more at the following link:

Nature of the Week

                                 Photograph by Roger Hutchings, In Pictures/Corbis
What is the smelliest thing in Washington D.C.?  While many of you would quickly shout out Congress, I was actually referring the corpse flower, one of the smelliest plants on Earth that attracts large crowds for some odd reason.  Its aroma has been described as everything from diapers to burning flesh.  However, those that wish to avoid this smell this should know that its bloom only lasts for around 24 to 48 hours.  The plant is expected to bloom this week at the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory.

To read more about this strange plant, follow the link:

Food of the Week

A high mark in American history has occurred this week: the Twinkies have returned!  People nationwide have been waiting months for this, and Hostess reports that the current demand for Twinkies is three to six times the amount that it can produce!  In addition, sales are seven times more than the historical level.  I guess Americans missed their signature snack!

Game of the Week
Image via Windows Store
This week’s Game of the Week is one that every Windows 8/RT/Phone 8 user will want to buy.  Halo: Spartan Assault is a high-quality top-down shooter designed for touch screens that marks a new high point in mobile game.  Eighteen months of development resulted in a polished game with rich graphics and cutscenes and addicting gameplay.  The touch controls are great, and the gameplay is exciting.  The game is composed of 25 levels (approximately 15 minutes in length) and includes online leaderboards.

To purchase this game for $6.99, follow the link:

Song of the Week
Here’s a song from Neon Trees that I discovered and enjoyed.  I felt like sharing it because while it is a great song, it has not gained as much publicity as some of their others.


Last Words
I hope you enjoyed this issue of Brandon’s Blurb and return for future issues.  In addition, I hope that you gained both helpful advice and a bit of entertainment from reading.  I urge you all to go out, spend time with the people that matter in your life, and enjoy a Twinkie or two with them while doing it.

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