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Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Project Glass: The Coolest Pair of Shades Ever

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Photo via Project Glass on Googlet
Nearly a month ago, Google released a concept video of what they called Project Glass.  The ideas presented in this video (embedded below) are so futuristic that many people had doubts that Google had actually created a product that could reach mainstream consumers.  Google shocked them all, however, when Google engineer Sebastian Thrun actually presented them during The Charlie Rose Show.

During the twenty minute interview on The Charlie Rose Show, Thrun discussed the capabilities of these glasses.  He snapped a picture of Charlie Rose with the click of a button on his shades and quickly uploaded it to his Google+ profile by nodding twice.  Last month, Google co-founder Sergey Brin wore a pair of these glasses during a charity event.  Through both of these public appearances, it has become apparent that Google does in fact have physical prototypes of these futuristic glasses.

The capabilities of these glasses shown in the concept video below are truly amazing.  They add all of the abilities of a smartphone in a heads-up display while allowing devices to get out of the way.  From the concept video, it appears that these glasses will include a crystal clear display at the retina level.  They will also include motion-sensing technology, as well as GPS, cellular data, voice control, and other features standard to cellphones.

While wearing these glasses, users will have the ability to view notifications, have their destinations mapped out, video chat, take photos, and compose and hear emails and messages.  All of this will be placed into an interactive, augmented-reality view.  Users will be able to look ahead at a point of interest while information on it appears before their eyes.  The applications are endless and if developers take advantage of them, they could change the way people live.  

While it may seem like technology like this is far from public release, The Verge has reason to believe that they are “past the concept phase.”  Nick Balton also stated that “employees familiar with the project” confirmed that these shades should be on the market by the end of this year.  It is estimated that they will be sold for a price of $250 to $600.

If these augmented-reality glasses actually make it to the widespread market, they have the chance to change the way people live.  If they have all of the features of those portrayed in the video below, they have the potential to be the next revolutionary product.  The idea of being able to access all of the features of my phone at any time without reaching into my pocket is a cool one.  

Would you buy these glasses?  Place your feedback in the comment section below.


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