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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There Are Now More iOS Devices Than Americans

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Today, Apple Inc. released their second-quarter fiscal report and a shocking statistic was revealed; there are currently 365 million iOS devices “in play.”  Just how large is this number?  It exceeds the population of the United States by over 50 million!  This truly shows how Apple has become the largest company in the world.

Of this large number, 35.1 million iPhones were sold in the last quarter alone.  CEO Tim Cook also stated that Apple has managed to sell 67 million iPads since their initial release.  He stated that it took 24 years to sell that many Macs.

This come to no surprise then that Apple managed to generate a quarterly revenue of $39.2 billion and a quarterly net profit of $11.2 billion.  This is a huge increase from the quarterly revenue of $24.2 billion and quarterly net profit of $6.0 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Despite the fact that their visionary, the famous Steve Jobs, died last fall, Apple continues to shock Wall Street and break records every year.  Every quarter, they manage to shoot past predictions made by some of the best analysts.  Their stock is currently work over $560.  This is actually down after they were well over $600 earlier this month.  In comparison, their stock was a measly $20 ten years ago.

At the rate that Apple continues to shock investors, it is predicted that Apple could very well become the first trillion dollar company on the planet.  Many analysts also believe that their stock could someday exceed $1,000 per share.  With all the new iPhone and Mac rumors currently flooding the Internet, I am excited to see what happens to one of the world’s best companies over the next few years.
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