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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Officially Releasing Tomorrow

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Just a quick look at the news will show you just how terrible this week has been around the world.  One a**hole killed twelve people and caused danger in a place we would never have expected it; the NCAA tried to kill Penn State.  Add this to the normal pessimistic news service, and you are bound to have a depressing week - that is, unless you are a Mac user.

While this news may not be able to end your depression after watching your daily news service, at least one part of your week will be brightened.  Today, Apple officially announced the release of OS X Mountain Lion at their third fiscal quarter report.  It is debuted to release tomorrow on the Mac App Store for a reasonable $20 (a drop from the $30 change for Lion).

OS X Mountain Lion will add over 200 new features, including better iCloud integration, Notification Center, Twitter and Facebook integration, a new version of Safari, iMessages, Notes, and Reminders.  With OS X 10.8, Apple has changed their update cycle, releasing a new update only a year after Lion.  They most likely chose to release a new update as a response to the release of Windows 8 later this year.

If you purchased your Mac on or after June 11, your $20 will be safe, as you can go online and claim your free copy with Apple’s up-to-date program.  If you plan on being an early upgrader, be sure to prepare for your update tonight by backing up your computer and running maintenance.

Check out all the new features at the link below:

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