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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Weekend at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

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Yogi and Cindy Bear
I had the honor of laying back and enjoying a relaxing weekend with my family at Jellystone Park Camp Resort in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.  Friday night, we hitched our camper and parked it into one of Jellystone’s many camping lots, full of many conveniences, including free wireless Internet, cable television, electric, running water, and our very own fire pit.  Driving through Jellystone that weekend was more like driving through the Wild West, as children with water guns fought intense battles during Wild West weekend (themes change each weekend).

At first glance, the $80 per night fee may seem a bit frightening, but with all of the included attractions, it is actually a very reasonable deal.  Yogi Bear’s Wetlands is the latest, with two large tunnel water slides, a play area that any child would enjoy, and a relaxing salt water pool.  In addition to this, admission to two water slides on the other side of the park, a mini golf course, crafts for kids, fishing, and outdoor movies are also included.  

Taking on the bucket at the wetlands.

Jellystone Park is never a boring setting, as events take place throughout the day that the whole family can engage in.  Firetruck, train, and even giant picnic basket rides are available at scheduled times.  Children can also visit Yogi, Cindy, and Boo Boo Bear or take part in a game of candy bar bingo.  In addition to the normal events that are scheduled each weekend, specially themed events are available.  For Wild West weekend, children took over the parking lot with heavy guns, spraying an insane amount of water.

Yes, that is a giant picnic basket, and yes, I am riding it.

In addition to the included attractions, Yogi Bear also includes a restaurant, paint ball, snowless snow tubing, water wars, and two arcades.  If boredom hits you after enjoying the many commodities of Yogi Bear, you can venture into the Laurel Highlands where you will find even more things to do.  Ohiopyle offers kayaking, natural water slides, and amazing views of waterfalls and rapids.  Nemacolin Woodlands Resorts offers a PGA golf course and spa.  Falling Waters, one of the greatest architectural works of art in history, is not far from the camp resort.  The Flight 93 Memorial marks a day of infamy in American history and is a place to visit while in the Laurel Highlands to pay tribute to those who died on September 11.  

A weekend at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is a great affordable vacation, bringing the views of the Laurel Highlands and the commodities of a camp resort together.  To book a vacation or find more information, visit
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